November 13th, 2007

Progress has been steady, but slow. I am making great progress at sustaining my focus for longer periods of time. Biggest realization to understand is to not delay things, and not blaming myself when I do delay. Idea being is course adjustments. Like a plane flying from one city to another needs adjustment without pilot getting upset, so does planning.

My mantra is “Do It Now” it’s so easy to delay things and tell ourselves we get back to it, just to find out it’s several days later and nothing is accomplished except a sense of guilt for not doing what you wanted to do, then avoidance steps in, then more guilt…. It’s a vicious cycle. The way out is acceptance and adjustment. Don’t delay start doing now, get momentum and move on.

Motivating Factors

October 31st, 2007

Inspiration often times feels synonymous with motivation. Life can be effortless when we are connected with inspiration. When we are walking adrift in discontent and a stream of other emotions we are often less productive (in certain areas)

It’s interesting to recognize that we can be productive and motivated to do different things depending on our mood. Inspiration is NOT one thing. For instance a poet could feel inspired by a emotional break up with their significant other. And write a beautiful pro that touches many people.

I’ve often associated Inspiration with something emotionally happy, and maybe it still means that. Maybe feeling “sad” is not good or bad it just is. Maybe these “negative” feelings we often think of are nothing more than emotions that we have less success transforming into an outcome that we would appreciate.

The fact is we are motivated to do things with any emotion. We are motivated to sleep or eat or run or cry or laugh. It is up to the Prize to choose which emotions should be used and how to use them in a given situation.

Choose when happiness is needed or where tears should be shed.

Choose for yourself how you will transform your energy in an emotion through inspiration into action that betters your life.

We often run into problems when we focus on the emotion and do nothing with it. We are staring at a hole in a mountain all day long and we fail to realize we need to start digging and mining the gold.

Choose which emotion to allow into your life and then USE IT to inspire you in some way. If you don’t want to be unhappy choose to be happy. If you want to mourn choose to be sad. The important thing is not so much the emotion, but the inspiration that you can use to create an end result that benefits your life.


October 25th, 2007

I am already not surprised since I see it lately quite often.  Things which are supposed to be the common knowledge is common, but with very little knowledge.  I am growing more and more appreciative of testing.   It is quite interesting to see that often time people just assume things without testing them.  So what does that do?  It creates environment that distorts reality.

A lot of different things when it comes to promotions and search engine optimization is surprising when tested, for often the results are not at all what they supposed to be.

I will continue taking different things with a grain of salt and to the best of my ability will attempt to test everything, since it appears that is turning out to be a very profitable.

Potentiality and the Prize Mentality

October 24th, 2007

(Wednesday Post- In Sedona)
• How does one separate their instincts from their emotions?
• When is your gut simply confused with your irritability, sleeplessness or hunger pangs?
• When is your gut impatient and how soon should you remove someone from a company?
• How much time/energy should you spend before someone is considered incapable of adopting the Prize Mentality?

Perfection is admittedly unattainable, but the pursuit of perfection should be consistently apparent in your team. If “good enough” because an acceptable way of being, then your organization will never be “good enough” because human beings always fall short of their intended goals.

Lack Luster becomes the surface that everyone sees. The degree to which your organization (and life)“glimmers” is the best way to determine its future. If your surfaces are dull, it will be difficult to truly see one’s self. People will begin to expect less from the group and its members. They will become accustomed to half-hearted energy and everything that you produce will be inferior. To add to the degradation of the team, the dingy environment will create unrest and a depressed state.

Compare that to the glimmering image of the Prize Mentality. The brilliance reflects and radiates the power and excellence of the group. Everyone expects nothing but the best and anything less than extraordinary sticks out and becomes so obvious in the illuminated climate of this group.

The stronger the group is, the more apparent the dingy and dull personalities will become. They will be forced to push themselves or will fold under the perceived pressure and remove themselves from such an environment. Those who attempt to stay will be called out by the rest of the organization and removed far more quickly.

The key is integrity in building a team that holds themselves accountable to the concepts of the Prize Mentality. Anyone who speaks without action is first to be removed. Those who speak through action should be applauded and held to a continually higher standard to push their improvement to the pinnacle of its potential.

The only way to more accurately screen the world is to build a solid team around you and use the combined instincts of your mastermind group to arrive at the most logical answer. In all cases make sure that the entire body is rested, fed, and in a positive state of mind.

Smart Business V.S. Big Busines: The Culture War

October 24th, 2007

(Tuesday’s Post-in Sedona)
Every time I feel like giving up (I don’t really feel like giving up, I feel more disappointed than anything) because I don’t see the immediate effects of the Prize Mentality in my business, something jumps up to thank me.

We have an intern (and by intern I mean someone who is working for free) at the company, she was recently offered a paid position to work for Harley Davidson. I was not surprised to see that she was offered a position, but I was surprised to hear that she was unsure if she would take it.
She was torn because she wanted to stay working with me even though she was not being paid. She did not come in and try to negotiate some type of payment. No, she simply asked for my opinion.

She told me that she wants to work with me no matter what and was only considering going to work for HD, so that she could learn some new skills to bring into the company.

Her next statement was almost even more incredible. Her mother had told her that she should stay and work with me. No, seriously her mother told her to turn down a job for a huge company like HD and work with a guy who doesn’t even have a Net Worth of $1million yet.

She had read the team member guide and the Prize Mentality and she was so inspired that she thought we were a better choice to work with.

Speechless to say the least, I told her to go work for HD. I’m curious to learn about this company and see what good and “bad” can be applied.

Leading Blindly, but at least I’ve got a pair of sun glasses on

October 24th, 2007

(Monday’s Post-in Sedona)

Finding consistency has always been a strong challenge (opportunity) for me. It’s been difficult in the past to keep the momentum moving forward even if I’m not. I’ve seen a direct correlation to my activity in my business and the output of energy by my team members.

It honestly challenges me daily to discover a way to generate the energy level of each of the team members and separate their energy, desire and output from me. If I’m constantly the source of energy the candle will burn out if anything is to happen to me.

So what are the key components necessary to transform an average person (one who pulls energy from others) to that of an extraordinary person (one who accesses energy internally)? I’m honestly unsure. It seems that you can make little steps forward in this area, but it often extinguishes itself before a strong flame can begin to burn. I’m thinking that just like any new skill repetition, strong boundaries and rewards must be administered consistently.

1) Gain respect through your actions
2) Instill the Prize Mentality and demonstrate its value
3) Help them to overcome minor personal obstacles
4) Keep them busy beyond their control with specific tasks and deadlines
5) Keep them accountable to the systems and Integrity of their position
6) Keep them accountable to other team members (pair them with someone who challenges them)
7) Reward them when they succeed and discipline them when they lose sight of the goal

I’m thinking that my responsibility and my inability to be completely effective with team members is the lack of a solid structure and foundation as my new systems have yet to be implemented. The key to being a successful leader is to always have a simple and concise way to handle any situation effectively.

People look to a leader for answers and if they feel like your answers are incorrect it can slowly breed a mutinous environment. The leader has to show that they have “been there before” or if they have not, at least make their followers think that they know how to get there.


October 21st, 2007

So, things are going according to plan,  I am consistently at about $100 per day in profit,  from the 2 businesses.   I am able to increase my focus very effectively, despite increase of things that are competing for my attention.  Settings priorities and sticking to them is increasingly important, if for no other reason then develop momentum to do things you want to be doing.

A concept of Master-Mind group is something that I was reminded of today.  Yes I know it’s vital, yes I know if I want to see exponential growth it will parallel the growth of like minded individuals around me.  Have I done anything to increase my MasterMind Group?  Yes I have.   Can I do way more?   Most definitely.   I fully accept myself and everything that is in my life right now.   After all I personally manifested it.     I can play the blame game and raise the emotions hoping to be pushed into action (rarely works), but I am not going to do that.

Instead I choose to focus more on the every day opportunities to Increase my Master-Mind Group and through positive results will create a feedback loop through which I will bring faster and greater results.

Another important aspects besides the Master-Mind group is the people we choose to immediately surround ourselves with (girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives), if they don’t support us and encourage our vision, then they are a terrible human beings 🙂  just kidding…    really though, they might be powerful amazing individuals, but if they don’t share our vision it means that not only they can’t help us, but perhaps more importantly we can’t help them.   That is not the environment of harmony that geometrically increases everyone’s ability energies and passions, but rather there is a canceling effect that seems to be taking place.  And why would anyone knowingly choose to be in the environment that diminishes the powers of those involved?

Being the Prize is a full time commitment

October 18th, 2007

I’m fully aware of how the Prize requires a large amount of responsibility. The hypocrite in all of us can corrupt the Prize mentality. It’s important to stick to the mentality rather than talk about the mentality.

Reasons and excuses can creep in and erode what incredible situations the Prize Mentality creates for our lives.

daily lessons

October 13th, 2007

It’s incredible how being the prize attracts others who share the mentality into your life. I had this view that integrity was vacant in the nightlife industry and now I’ve seen (still early) that there are others who are tired of the weak minded superficial individuals that plague such an industry.

When you adopt the mindset that something must be win-win and you trust your perception of people, your get incredible results. I’ve established three connections in a period of two days that align with my belief structure. I’ve also eliminated relationships that felt out of line with who I am and I’ve since been proven time and time again that the my judgment was correct.

I’m unrelenting with who I am and what I want in my life and I’ve been able to eliminate those who will eventually cause me problems and attract those who will bring me success. I’ve been patient and observant of the future and while things are not immediately generating money, the energy is building up. I can see the wealth growing. My wealth of knowledge and understanding is growing exponentially.

My theories are still being tested but seem to be working out positively so far.

Breakdowns are still happening alongside results. I’ve felt a little tired recently but I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my lack of commitment towards exercise, diet and mediation.

I’m having integrity in some areas but letting small things appear ok instead of being integrity fully. It’s one thing to acknowledge something, it’s another to correct it.

I’m tired of recommitting so I’m going back to the rubber band method and keeping integrity as a whole.

The one struggle I’m having is finding a balance. When am I pushing too hard and when am I not pushing hard enough. I will find an answer soon, hopefully through mediation.

The Plan

October 11th, 2007

Following my brainstorming session, I arrived to the conclusion that in order to achieve my goal I will utilize primarily the net raising around $20,000 before I will consider the options of physical business.

Tentative plan is as follows:

Prepare the necessary setup this month for membership sites & maximize return on my current businesses so they would yield $200/day in profit.

November and December will be the time of the launch of 2 membership sites.

Meanwhile I will keep an eye out on physical business opportunities… previous steps being a priority and this step planning as time allows

(I will look for real estate opportunities, as I already have some experience in this field.  My credit is barely average so creative financing and availability of cash will

likely be required.  I don’t think I will do any implementation with this until December).

This is my blueprint for the upcoming months.  It’s not detailed, I will provide more of them here or on the private blog as they become clear.  This is a general direction I chose.