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Back from Minnesota/Wisconsin

Friday, July 6th, 2007

I’m back from my family reunion. I’ll post my entries from my time there tomorrow night. Today I want to write about carrying rocks.

I was working at a coffee shop today and I sat next to a woman and a young man who were discussing Metaphysics and life. I put in my ear buds and listened to my tracks on the computer so as not to be distracted. I took a brief break to use the restroom and when I returned the woman had noticed my wallpaper that displayed the Prize Mentality.

She noted the coincidence to their conversation. I ended up talking with them, as I felt there was not really any other option that I wanted to pursue. The young man had just purchased 60 gumball vending machines and was claiming to make between $6-7k/mo only working 10 hours a week. (so doing some quick math that’s 6000/60=100/.25=400 gumballs per location in one month.) I’m not saying it’s not possible, but not likely. He also offered me to make $50,000/year for the rest of my life if I could help him find an investor for a product he knows nothing about because he is helping someone else he doesn’t really know. I just need to come up with $300,000 for my 1000% return he was offering. (i’m not sure how that really equates, but it sounds like a lot of money)

The woman was unemployed and said she had been fired a lot. The two were in a yoga class together and the young man was waxing on about the law of attraction and the law of money (something about how poor people are always poor because the way they see money)

I started to talk to them about some books that might be useful and engaged them to find out some passions to maybe help the woman find a job she would love. Carrying stones is an old habit. The young man never wrote the names down to any of the books even though there was a book store attached to the coffee shop. The woman told me every excuse in the book why it wasn’t possible for her to make money and be around horses (even though countless people around the world make money and probably a lot of it dealing with horses daily)

I’m hoping to resign from preaching and just get back to being. I figure that the people who are interested in learning will ask and If they ask and still choose not to receive, then I’ll smile and wave goodbye.

You’ve met these people before, that need constant charging of their batteries. They are invigorated and inspired in your presence and believe that anything is possible. When they depart and your light is no longer there to charge their batteries, the energy wanes. The next morning they are on empty and look outside for a source of power.

I’m working on keeping my power plant going for myself and only sharing with those that can learn to harness the energy in them. I think it’s safe to say that these people are far more rare and easier to spot.

I think the two of them are on a path that will eventually lead to some greater understanding about where they are blind. I had this interesting sense of reincarnation while sitting with them. I felt (not in an arrogant way) on a different plane. They seemed to be in a different stage of searching. The woman seemed so lost for being so late in years. They both seemed lost, but the young man even more so. He was lost because he wasn’t even aware that he was lost. (I hope it’s not the same for me)

In the end, I’m going to focus on harnessing my energy more and distributing in more judiciously.