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Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

I was at a networking event today and I met a guy who works a lot of hours and would like to find a way to work less and have more money. It was interesting when I started to learn about his mentality regarding money.

He is an Engineer originally from Denmark. He has a wife and an interesting relationship with money.
he “Loves money more than anything or anyone in the world”, including his wife and apparently she feels the same way.

He told me he would rather drive home drunk than pay for the cab ride so that he can hold on to his money.

The people who have disregard for money and the people have too high a reverance are relegated to the same prison. There will never be enough money for these people and nothing will quench their desire. On top of that, the ability to create wealth will almost be non-existant. They will be trapped if they don’t hold on to enough of it and they will be trapped if they hold on to too much of it.

The guy wants to meet with me. I will offer him a few books as well as a different perspective and hopefully he will find a new relationship with both money and his life. If not, no worries. It’s an interesting experience that reinforces how much abundance is necessary to live a truly free life.

I’ll be in Wisconsin till Monday. If I have internet access I’ll post. If I don’t I’ll write daily and post when I return.

Retreat Re-Cap

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

My retreat was a success on many levels. I exercised well, I relaxed well, I ate well, I drank well (fantastic brewery in Sedona). I did not spend as many hours in front of a pad of paper or my computer as I originally anticipated, but it was time well spent. I cleared my mind and came away with a sense of peace that my life is free for me to do with it what I will.
I used to go to skate parks when I was a kid and I had so much fun. Sedona has a great skate park and while I hadn’t been skating in almost 10 years I decided to go. I was surprised at how much muscle memory I had. The tricks came relatively easy to me and I’m sure the old man with the beard was an interesting novelty for the younger children. (I’m not even 26 yet, but old in comparison)

I am thinking about moving to Sedona for about 6 months. My logic is that I am working on building systems to allow my company to operate effectively without any interference. If I were to die tomorrow I would like my business to continue on as if I was not even there. Right now, it would most certainly crumble in a matter of months, or at least limp along for a few years. If I’m going to build a business that is not dependent on any one person, I need to remove myself in order to truly test its viability.

I am going to build systems and operations into place that create a company that grows seamlessly and organically as a unit. I have to build a culture and a foundation for that culture to grow on. I will most definitely cause more problems than I would help by staying too active in the business. If I’m the super star the business can only be as bright as I am on my own. If I build a company comprised of fireflies and use my systems to magnify their presence and efficiency, I’ll build a company brighter than the sun.

I’m going to build it and then let it run like a little experiment to see where the flaws instead of hiding the flaws by constantly catching people’s mistakes. I’m going to fill the business like a bucket of water and then see where the holes are. I’ll let the team patch itself up and eliminate the people who are poking the holes in the success of the company.

By stepping away from the business I’ll be able to focus on who I would like to become. I’m torn so much because I’ve rarely taken the time to consider who I truly am and what I truly want. Six months alone in the woods will go a great way towards discovering who I am. I’ll work on any projects that I choose to (in addition to continually refining the Limousine company)

My main obstacle will be creating a culture that not only understands my absence but appreciates it as a part of the business culture. I will have to educate them on my past and demonstrate my work ethic as well as the concept of systems and the entrepreneurial structure.

Mental Retreat

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

I’m in Sedona right now. I drove up late last night. The air was perfect, the sky was crystal clear with specs of starts dotting every inch. My car was not so great. I borrowed my brothers car because mine was having trouble and then a few miles outside of phoenix I noticed this truck was acting strange. I think it’s something wrong with the transmission or the fuel injectors because I had no power every 15 minutes or so. Let’s just say coasting on dangerous roads at 15mph is not the safest thing. I checked the transmission fluid and that’s about all I could do.

Anyway I made it and I’m glad that I’m here. Waking up to birds chirping and views to mountain tops definitely has some appeal. I will definitely live outside the city for the second portion of my life. I’d like to save enough money to buys some land out of country in the five to ten years. I see the real estate market going to horrible world wide. I’d like to take advantage of some affordable property in Chille and my ideal would be some type of Island in Brazil as well. I saw them advertised for $2-3mill U.S. about four years ago. I guarantee the markets will soften to return prices to that point.

I’ll have to have a net worth of about $10-15 million to justify that especially since I think credit will tighten heavily and prevent a reasonable interest rate.

Today is the start of my multi-million dollar retreat. I’m the only one in attendance and I’m the only instructor. I’m here to create a master plan for growing my knowledge, love, and energy into millions of passive dollars. I’m starting with the transportation business and I want to gross 1million dollars in the next 12 months. I am developing my plan around one idea. Create a culture that attracts the best team members, customers, and partners and has them feeling that this is the best company they have ever been apart of in their entire life. I’m building my business around the people and creating systems that remind me that systems fail not people.

I’m going into my retreat with an open mind and I will hopefully walk away with some innovative and specific methods of operating my business that indulge peoples sense of community and comradery to create an unstoppable money making machine that can be easily replicated at ease.

I will update the blog daily as I am supposed to (as long as the internet access that I’m “borrowing” stays active)

Pushing Against Walls

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Often times when we don’t know what to do we decide to push against walls. It feels like we are working hard (and we are). But what is it getting us? It’s getting us nowhere obviously. I am restructuring my business and I find myself pushing against walls the past two days. Today I decided to stop and I’m going to take a 2 day retreat to sort things out.

I will come back with the vision of the company and the specifics that it will take to create that vision. I have the emotion and the steps and the ideas inside my head, but I need to translate them onto paper and share them with the people that will be part of this next stage of my business development.

I bought $300 worth of domain names the other day and I’m working on commissioning a website template that will allow me or anyone else to rapidly deploy a new site within only a few hours. I am taking systems to a new level in my business and burning them into the culture and landscape of my company.

I will either franchise my company or expand it to other markets using my systems and the mantra “People don’t fail, systems fail.” I am devoted to the idea of systems as a means for freeing the self employed person from the confines of business and releasing them to the realm of the entreprenuer.

I will have a minimum of 3 fulltime staff members next year and I want to do $1 million in revenue in 12 months time. I will then re-evaluate and my secondary goal will be to convert the company into a 50% profit margin producing machine.

I will also patent, produce and sell a product that I’ve been thinking about for a few years. I will have it on QVC within 12 months time.

I will also be traveling once a month to different markets looking for a way to expand the magazine as a franchise format.

How will I do all of this, when before I had “no time?” I freed myself of being self employed when I realized that my partnership was not working. I will no longer be a work horse except when it calls for it. I will be the CEO and I will lead my companies in a way that allows individuals to produce more and me to work less. I will be the visionary and the implementation coach. I will be a leader and embrace the title of leader. I will harness the power that other people posses and create a culture of passion and discipline that rewards all for partaking in the success of the company.

I will come down from the mountains this weekend inspired with the light that Moses had in his eyes in the story of the ten comandments. I am going to be consumed with the vision of this new company and I will inspire others as the sense the coming of a new company. A company that will allow all members to say to everyone they know. “I’ve never been a part of something so incredible and I’m proud to be a member of this team”

This is why I have decided to stop pushing on walls and adjust my eyes to the light in order to find the door.

Up, Down, Up and Down then Up again

Friday, June 15th, 2007

Is it really the case that we have “ups” and “downs” in life? I move forward and then hit what appear to be obstacles. There are so many things spinning around, it often feels like you just need a moment to get off of the amusement ride and catch your equilibrium. Take a moment to reflect and determine what reality is. I think that my lack of meditation (that I committed to) is a source of the imbalance. It’s hard to know where to walk when you don’t know where you are going.

I have given my business partner so many options and opportunities to walk away having a great opportunity at future success. His sphere of influence is causing him to make choices that have pushed me too far. I am not a punching bag and while I will not allow someone to “hit” me, I still grow tired of the punches being thrown.

Sometimes money means nothing and principle means everything. People need to know the limits to their powers and often in life people allow for a false sense of reality for the people around them. By submitting to the desires of aggressors you do yourself as well as them a disservice.

The people around you that should be helping you, often hinder you. When their bias towards you clouds their opinions they can lead you down a path that is harmful to you and your interests. If my partner would listen to his gut and his heart this situation would have been handled weeks ago. Instead he is fearful of himself and trusts the judgment of others over his own convictions. This has caused the current state, in which I have decided to stand firm at any price. There are things in life that mean much more than money and one must be willing to stand firm for their convictions. I have learned that tens of thousands of dollars are simply meaningless in a life that will produce millions and millions of dollars are meaningless in a life that will produce countless lessons and memories.

I’m teaching myself to trust a deeper intuition because I’ve learned that I can argue so many sides of an argument logically that I’ll spend all day in a mental court. Knowing what feels right is not always easy, but when you find it you know your answer and you must stick with that answer even if others question your decision.

Two Frogs

Monday, June 11th, 2007

So this is the story that I heard as a child and it stuck. Often it is the only thing that keeps me going when it seems like there is nothing left:

Once upon a time, out in the country there was a jar of fresh milk that was placed outside. It just so happens that two frogs were jumping by and fell into the jar. They were peddling for a while unable to get out of the jar, constantly slipping and unable to grab a hold of anything. That wen on for a while and one of the frogs realizing situation was hopeless said that nothing could be done and stopped peddling, thus effectively drowning. The second frog recognizing the same thing said to itself as long as there is any bit of strength left I will continue peddling for I will do everything that is within my power in this particularly unfortunate situation. So it continued for a while and then, well what happen then is that the second frog from all the vigorous peddling turned the milk into butter and once on a hard surface was easily able to jump out of the jar.
Yes there are moments when improvement and all the other things seem like peddling inside a milk jar, and often I feel like almost giving up, but I don’t for I know that if I stick with it long enough it has no choice but yield results, beyond any imaginable expectations.

Your Path in Life

Monday, June 11th, 2007

It’s funny how your path in life is often guided by outsiders who give directions to places they have never traveled before. People who want “what’s best for  you” but very often achieve the opposite. Who are we to dictate another person’s life?

We can give our unique experiences to one another for piece of mind, but we should preface it with the knowledge that it is ultimately their choice as to what they should do. We often guide people out of selfishness. We often lead them down a path that limits their greatness out of feat that it will somehow inhibit our own greatness if they succeed. The scarcity of success and money, the love of family and friends, the righteous attitude of the “enlightened” often lead us down paths that ultimately leave of thirsty.

Responsibility rests with the traveler. We must choose to find the path the feels right and do our best to filter out the misguided directions that many bystanders will give out with a smile. We have to have the courage to make a choice and live with that choice, free of blame, guilt or “what might have been’s.”

A powerful distinction is the idea of Choice v.s. Decision. A Decision is something that requires you give something up in order to receive the something you desire. The power of Choice is in it’s ability to accept what you want as it is and know that you never truly lose something. You never have to give something up, because you are always gaining something threw your choice.

A divorce does not have to be a decision. If you realize that you are gaining much in the form of freedom and happiness and success for all involved, the money and time you “lost” was never truly lost. You gained experience and memories and countless other things. You never have to make a decision in life as long as you remember that life is full of powerful abundant qualities that will spring forth for those who are open and willing to realize their existence.

I’m excited to start my life with a new perspective and sense of freedom. I’m excited to unlock the life that I “decided” had to be full of work and struggle in order to achieve success. I’ve chosen to live life by my rules and open myself up to the abundance of money, love, energy and success that is waiting for anyone to grasp hold of.

I’ve chosen my path and I am confident enough to ignore those who have no idea where I’ve come from and no idea where I’m going. I don’t need directions because no one has gone down this path before. I’m making my own map and my own trail and it would be absurd to expect someone to lead me somewhere that has yet to be.

My Letter to My Business Partner

Friday, June 8th, 2007

I think it’s important that you fully understand my perspective. I’ve verbalized it to you on many occasions, but I’m not sure that I’ve expressed it clearly enough because a lot of the things in this proposal are kind of insulting to me. I understand business is business in a lot of people’s minds, but I wanted to be able to walk away from this with the magazine being successful and us not hating one another.

I want to avoid playing hard ball because it’s so much easier for me to just dissolve the business and have the magazine go down and then restart it under a new name. Andrew Waite already offered to start a magazine with the same concept under a new title and he would fund the whole thing if I would run it. I have a loyalty to our publication that goes beyond business. If it were about money I would tell you we are dissolving the magazine pay my part of the debt and it would cost me an insignificant amount of money. Then I would start a new title the next day and I would be up and running in no time because I have all the intellectual capital to make this work. Is that right? I’ll tell you that most people say that it’s smart. There is nothing illegal about it and I would end up making a hell of a lot more money than I even asked of you.

I don’t think that is fair to the Magazine, you or Courtney. I am about doing what makes you happy in life and I love this magazine. I think long term and I don’t measure results in a moment. I see potential and I know what I have to do in order to make something happen. This magazine was never meant to be an over night success and it couldn’t be. There were too many brokers and too many skeptics to make it happen right away. The real estate market had to soften to open up the minds of the arrogant brokers raking in money without lifting a finger. I’ve worked countless 100+ hr work weeks and threw my primary business to the wayside. It finally got to me that we can never be business partners because we view life through two different lenses. When I allowed myself to accept that I knew I had to buy you out, or let you buy me out in order to save the magazine.

I respect what you do, but think that our personalities are very different (actually we are probably polar opposites) This is great if we complement one another but we don’t and that’s ok, just not ok for business. I know you agree with this. I have been the one to develop this business model and determine what works and what doesn’t work and the whole time having to fight one another to accomplish anything.

I never once received a dollar in payment (and either did you), the obvious difference is that the amount of hours I put in and the countless hats I had to wear at at one once deserved some compensation. All I asked for was to work out a compensation that would be fair in order for you to keep the business and give you the chance to gain back your money, while I walk away from any chance of gaining my money back. I even offered to buy the business from you and you said no. So instead of doing what’s best for me and dissolving the business, teaming up with an already successful publisher who will fund me fully, I still want to create a Win-Win situation for you. I want to you to ask yourself if you would do this or any of your other business partners would do this? I’m not saying I’m special, but I want to you realize the gravity of what I’m doing here and why it’s frustrating to have people tell you that I’m not worth paying.

I’ve never been more tested in my life. This decision has been the hardest one of my life and I’m turning down easy money for my principles and my morals. I deserve so much more than I’m even asking for and then I’m challenged about this compensation and the fact that I even deserve the money owed to me. I’m even willing to go to meetings where supposedly “impartial” people give you personal advice. It’s frustrating and it’s taking everything I have to keep from killing this and taking the money that Andrew is offering me. I have worked for free and even sold an Ad the other day, knowing full well that you would get the benefit of the sale. I want to work something out that is fair, but if we can’t I won’t fault myself for going down the path that was right.

This is a decision you have to make for yourself and all the outside advice is important but it can cloud your mind with their biased opinions. I have not looked to anyone for advice because I’m following my heart and doing what I feel like, now. No one has been there to see the business and the way we have interacted and what I have done. They have only heard stories and made up their own to create an outcome that they want.

I will send back my response to your proposal, but please ask yourself what I deserve for what I have contributed to the future success of the magazine and the way I have acted completely unselfishly for the past two years. I have never cheated on you in a personal or professional way. I have never stolen money, or defaced you in front of an employee, client, or friend. I’ve been a stand up business partner that has only been flawed by the fact that I have a different outlook than you when it comes to business.

I am confident that we can find a way to have everyone benefit and for you to make a lot of money using your talents as an entrepreneur to capitalize on the groundwork that I have laid.


Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Why have I not been writing consistently? I have not made it a priority. I have decided to write at the end of each night and thus if I get too tired I fail to write in the blog. So I have decided to write when I have down time to make sure that it gets done daily as I promised myself.

Summary of events from the past days that I failed to write.

I told my partner I was quitting because I was not happy being partners

We came to a relative agreement

He talked to people (parents) and decided he didn’t like the deal anymore

We met with a “consultant” who was so unprofessional that he gave biased opinions

We talked on the phone tonight and started working towards a deal again

There has been a lot of fighting in between but not as bad as it has been at times. I’m still working for the magazine to keep it going but I won’t work past tomorrow without a resolution. I’ve worked for free for way too long already.

I really have very little to write about. There are many things in my head at the moment but very little I feel compelled to express. It just wants to stay in place and do what ever it wants rather than be forced to come out onto paper (if even of the virtual sort)


Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Ok so today the topic is presense.  Why specifically that?  Well something that always intrigued me is that presence is someting that is there or not. 

Here is an interesting observation we all encountered people that don’t dress well, yet everyone notices them, people that don’t say much, yet everyone is keenly aware of them, people that would by all regular measures have everything working against them (bad clothes, hair, posture etc…) yet they stand apart from everyone. 

One thing those people do have is PRESENSE  it’s the unspoken thing radiating from the very core of them, just like you can tell that the storm is coming long before it hits this people project a similar filed of sorts around them, you can like them or hate them, but one thing is sure you can’t be indifferent to them.  

So what is this presence and why some have it and some don’t?  Well if you thinking confidence is one of the main components of it you are absolutely corrects.   How does one develope a confidence to that extent?  Well some may say through a lifetime of acheivements and so on, and I think it’s valid but I don’t think it’s the reason, rather it’s a sideeffect.  

Here is what I am thinking, a lion, does he need to be someone or prove something or create something to have a presence that he does?  Absolutely not, he is a king of the jungle period, he does not need to do or prove, he already is.  I beleive that people are also kings of the jungle every single one of us.  You might say if it was so how come we don’t have everyone with presence?  

I say conditioning, it’s  I don’t think to have the Presence you need to learn something, rather unlearn a lot of usless conditioning that a lof of people with the best of intentions have sold you as needed.   Every single person is doing the best they know how with what they have. 

Naturally everyone’s best is different depending mostly on best of the people they happend to spend time with when they were younger, after all we don’t choose our parents, relatives and often a lot of our friends (all though we should).  

 All this people contributed to us and thus imparted us with side-effects of a lot of their fears and otherwise uselss ideas which they thought were valuable and thus imparted them on us  (be a good boy, be likable, play nice)  all good and well in context but unfortunately no one tells which context so we end up using it for everything and hence dont’ get much (as one smart man said if we have a hammer everythign looks like a nail).  

I carried off a bit, so getting back on track.  What is needed to develop presence?   Courage to beleive and faith to beleive in your inner lion and allow it to come out, having strength to discard or at least test our presuppositions and knotions (how many of us still have a inner 6 year old making a great deal of decisions in our life?).   

Have the presence, because you belong in this world, you deserve hapinsess.  How do I know?  The very fact that you are here already implies that  a billion of very unlikely things had to happend in ordrer to create an ultimate outcome resulting in your birth, think about it.