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Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

It’s one thing to expect your life to be powerfull and full of positivity. It’s another to assume that your life will turn out in a specific way. I find myself angry right now for no good reason other than expectations. I expect people to be a certain way or act a certain way because it is what I want them to be or act like. It’s funny that when you don’t get what you want you are angry but when someone is so selfless that they act on your wishes regardless of their own desires we are angry too.


How hypocritical people can be and how absorbed can people be, that they find themselves torn no matter what happens in their life?


Ideally one should wash their hands of expectations and consider life as it comes. doing anything with an aim or purpose is wonderful as long as that aim produces hapyness no matter what the specific outcome may be. It is a powerful place to be, if you can find a way to view life as it is. We often fabricate stories and these stories can erode the very fortress we were erecting to prevent such atacks. We are powerful when we accept life for what it is and we make choices that create positive outcomes for all involved.


I expected nothing today and I gained a lot. Tonight I expected everything and gained nothing at first, but after reflecting I gained much more from the lesson.




Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

So I made a deal to keep up with blog every day and I had not, I own up to that.   Plain and simple if I don’t make it a priority put it on paper and make it part of my daily task list, I end up forgetting about it half the time.   Grounding yourself is important, going back to basics is important and do course corrections is important.  So here is what is happening, the project I was working on is completed and live.  Is it finished, no it’s a work in progress which will require testing and modifying, but it is ready for the world to start benefiting them and bring money to me.   If microsoft waited for a perfect product, they would be out of business faster than you can say microsoft 🙂   There are days when I am more aware of the law of attraction, strange things happend with very strange consistency, go figure.   Today was one of those days, things just seemed to fall into place in a very unlikely of ways, I really like days like this.

The Law of Conservation of Energy

Monday, May 14th, 2007

I recently read a book that was given to me by my co-blogger and it must have subconsciously influenced me. I sat down tonight to write my daily blog entry with not intention or idea of what it was that I should write about today. As soon as my hands touched the keyboard this quote poped into my head.

“Energy can not be created or destroyed.”


This is what I wrote about and for some reason I did not make the connection to the book until after I had cleared the thoughts onto paper.

The law of Conservation of Energy. Since energy can only be changed it leads me to believe that you always have a constant amount of energy it is just divided into various manifestations. So we must choose what this pie is comprised of.

Even when we feel we have no energy, when we feel tired and lethargic it is in realty a misdirected energy that is creating these feelings. I’m quite sure that this is not some revolutionary realization but it is something I have rediscovered in myself. By focusing our thoughts, emotions, and physical actions towards negative energies we are reducing that amount of available positive energy.

I would also imagine that transforming negative energy into positive energy is far more difficult than transforming neutral energy into positive energy. So by creating a balanced life and allowing more energy to be focused as neutral or positive energy I would theoretically shift the balance of my life towards more fulfilling experiences. It is then my goal to move as much energy as possible towards the positive direction in order to maximize my life’s potential.

It seems that a powerful way to filter life would be through the lens of neutrality. By first filtering all experiences into a neutral light it would allow one to more easily shift their energy towards a positive direction when deemed necessary. Often times people have a habit of viewing life through a negative perspective and this makes for a formidable challenge when looking to succeed and grow in life. I would imagine that automatically viewing life through a positive lens could yield negative results as well. Often times the person who is overzealous with their positive attitude can create unnecessary hurdles for themselves.

Transforming energy is probably an ability that takes time to fully master but by envisioning the result that you intend to accomplish and then allowing your subconscious desire to guide your energy seems to be a very useful way towards accomplishing this goal. The catch would seem to be that your intentions and desire would have to genuinely be positive in nature. Without this genuine desire it seems that you would lean towards a negative or neutral outcome.

I’m not quite sure what all of these thoughts mean, but they have definitely made me re-examine my approach to life and my interaction with the world. I will start to implement this immediately.


Sunday, May 13th, 2007

The only time we truly grow is when we find ourselves at the edges of our comfort zones and have the ability to go beyond them.   Making that step that takes you from the edge of comfort zone to somewhere you have not been before can be a very difficult things at times.   Every part of you fights it, and that is the moment when you must look deep within you to find the reason, often it’s in the form of the question, will you be able to live with yourself knowing you had the opportunity to do something and you did nothing?  Even worse is that people are so hard on themselves that once they were not successful the first time around, they blame themselves into a place of fear and paralysis and that is just plain wrong.   It is true, get disappointed get frustrated, but then forgive yourself and go at it again and again and again until such a time that you conquer your comfort zones and expand them with your decisive victory.   It is the journey and not the destination, we all have setbacks circumstances fears and concerns, however at the end of it all some of us stand up and keep on going and others just give up.   As long as you can keep on going you will succeed, there is no other way, some require more lessons and preparation to receive success then others, but the result is invariably the same victory.   Love yourself, be thankful for everything in your life be thankful for the lessons that make you stronger and keep on going, cry if you have too and then stand up and keep on going, keep on going as if everything in your life depends on it, for after all it truly does…

Learning to Trust My Subconscious Mind

Friday, May 11th, 2007

The most challenging part of my life as of late has been looking backward and seeing mistakes I’ve made on more than one occasion and patterns that seem to play out for decades. Breaking cycles and transforming myself into an entirely different person with limitless possibilities for life has been slow going on many days. Looking into the future and wondering what my life will be like seems to slow the pace even further. It seems that when I just accept that my life will be a certain way and go about my life as if those desires and goals are somehow already playing out, (even if I can’t witness them with my mortal eyes) that I find success. Assuming success not on a scale of time but in terms of timing is a recurring theme. Things don’t necessarily seem to play out in a way that I would have envisioned them but they eventually do play out and for the better.

My subconscious mind is far more creative and intelligent than my waking mind and I credit my subconscious mind for creating scenarios that are far greater and more exciting than my conscious mind could have fathomed. These greater and more elaborate occurrences based on my original goals and desires, often take longer to produce than the original visions that my conscious mind foresaw. This is understandable and when I start to trust in my subconscious mind I believe that I will start to experience a fuller life that is capable of far more than I literally could imagine.

I plan on accepting the power of my subconscious mind to bring the people and experiences into my life that create an extraordinary life for myself and for the people that I have chosen to surround myself with.

Challenging Myself to Experience Life More Fully

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

The most difficult part about success seems to be determining the path that one needs to follow to achieve it. There are many doors to walk through and forks in the road. Your internal dialogue that forces you to ponder these questions is quite confusing at times. What direction should you go? What doors should you open? Do we have a destiny?

It seems that like most cases Love is the divining rod for life. Perusing our passions first requires finding them. How do we know what we love until we have experienced it for ourselves? We take life on through trial and error. We have to be brave enough to experience life. We have to avoid making excuses and create the drive to step out of our current frame of mind.

I am issuing a challenge to myself. I challenge myself to create a consistent schedule for life that includes exploring various aspects of my personality to find the things in life that truly allow me the feeling of passion and love for life.

I specifically challenge myself to take everyone opportunity to explore an experience I have yet to experience and further more create opportunities on a weekly basis to discover something new about myself.

I will create a chart that I can use to track all the goals I have set for myself as well as weekly periods to check on my progress.

My first challenge is to explore a way in which to sleep that allows me the greatest amount of quality sleep for the shortest period of time. My sleeping schedule has been very chaotic for the past few years and I fell that sleep is a foundation on which energy is recaptured. To optimize my life I must first sleep in a way that creates the most potential for all forms of energy in my day.

Daily Log

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

I am not quite sure of a best place to begin, so I will just begin with what’s currently going on.   I am in the process of creating my first official information product.  The deadline for it is set for Monday, so I am keeping busy translating, writing sales copy and doing all the other little things that are involved into rolling out a successful product.  The mindset is a vital component of everything we do, the interesting thing about it  is that  you can’t  start thinking  positive thoughts and immediately expect to see overwhelming results (it does happened sometimes though).  I see it as a seed growing into a tree, at any given time you look at it it seems like nothing is happening, but day in and day out you recognize incremental improvements.  When things seems like they are not going anywhere and the mindset just seems like an unnecessary extra step, I remind myself that as long as I keep going results will be there as sure as the sun will rise the following day.

Using Sharing as a method to battle procrastination

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Often the lack of willpower comes from a sort of blockage. What are you avoiding in your life? Is it fear? Fear of success or failure. Fear of commitment or lack of commitment. It’s not always easy to identify what is bothering us or why it is bothering us. Procrastination is a symptom of unhappiness.

Think about people you know that are truly passionate about something. How often are they avoiding doing something they love. Remember a time in our lives where we loved something. When we find ourselves procrastinating tt’s important to take time and reflect on our lives. If we allow ourselves to become trapped in the constant hustle of life, we will find ourselves lost. It is the time we set aside for self reflection and communication with ourselves as well as those close to us, that we are able to access the issues that are causing our life to flow away from love and happiness.

It is important to embrace the answers that you find. If you find something and then burry it again you are lacking the Integrity to deal with life powerfully. We often find ourselves rejecting the answers we find because it seems easier to continue on with the current state of things. It is by living a powerful life that we will find joy and love in the smallest aspects of life.

Increasing Your Up-Time

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

It has come to my attention that while the Prize Mentality is always accessible it is something that becomes easier to access through repetition. Similar to how an athlete builds muscle memory and intuitive reaction time by consistent training, so too does the Prize Mentality become quicker and stronger the more often you use it.

In the beginning phases of accessing the Prize Mentality things can be slow and we fall out of focus with our goals and the attributes of the mentality more easily. This is mainly due to our inability to quickly recognize and adapt to scenarios based on the principles of the Prize Mentality. By going over the aspects of the Prize on a regular basis we start to engrain the principles into our mind. We are ready to interpret, accept and adapt to life because the Prize Mentality is at the forefront of our brain.

The training wheels of the Prize Mentality are our morning reviews. When we remind ourselves of who we are capable of being we increase the odds that we will be that person. As we remind ourselves on a regular basis two things will start to happen. First we will build the mental conditioning and repetition required to make the Prize Mentality a permanent fixture and synonymous with whom we are. Secondly we start to create a fail safe mechanism known as Cognitive Dissonance. This Cognitive Dissonance is nothing more than our brain recognizing that our actions are not in congruence with our image of ourselves. If we are not being the Prize, then our mind will be quick to remind of us this and our Integrity will create the Desire to abide by the principles we have decided to pursue.

In time the theory is that the Prize Mentality becomes you and you stop thinking in terms of “What would the Prize do?” and start being the Prize and therefore you always know what to do. I am still very much in need of reviewing and refining my mentality to be in line with the desires and goals that I have set for myself.


K’s Vision and Goals

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

K’s Personal Vision Statement

To create a life driven solely by the fulfillment of the most deep rooted desires and goals that I envision; free of “reasons” and “excuses” and full of Love and Gratitude, through the pursuit of knowledge and exploration of the Prize Mentality.

K’s Short Term Goals for the next 6 months(Nov 2007):


  1. Gym 3+ days a weeks, Home/Cardio or some physical activity 3+ days a week
  2. Diet consisting of vitamins, supplements and protein shakes in addition to a standard 2,000 calorie diet.
  3. Gain 20lbs of muscle mass and increase my strength 30%


  1. Daily Blog entry 15-30 minutes (5days a week minimum)
  2. Read for 30 minutes a day
  3. Add 1 new vocabulary word per week


  1. Wake up 95% of the time with a true sense of excitement and fulfillment for the day
  2. Love someone on a level deeper than purely physical, and intellectual
  3. Travel once a month on a short vacation lasting a minimum of a day on average


  1. Morning Gratitude Mantra (giving thanks for everything in my life)
  2. Meditation period 30+ minutes daily (5 days a week)
  3. Follow the law of Attraction to create specific outcomes on a daily basis


  1. Trained one new person in the skills and business lessons that I have learned that allows them to launch and maintain a successful new venture
  2. Family dinners once a month where all 6 members of the family are present
  3. All business Team Members have a sense of gratitude and excitement for the companies which they are a part of


  1. Created two more streams of income for the transportation business (Shuttle service and Advertising revenue)
  2. Net $200,000 additional dollars from new sources of income
  3. Have freedom of time created by solid team members which will allows me to expand to 1 new venture that produces a profit within the first 3 months of operations.

K’s Mid Range Goals for the next 5 years(May 1st 2012):


  1. Gym 3+ days a weeks, Home/Cardio or some physical activity 3+ days a week
  2. Diet consisting of vitamins, supplements and protein shakes in addition to a standard 2,000 calorie diet.
  3. My heart, hair and health are flourishing and above average for my age


  1. Daily Blog entry 30-60 minutes (5days a week minimum) (this now generates income)
  2. Read for 60 minutes a day
  3. Add 1 new vocabulary word per week (261 new words from this day forward)


  1. Wake up 99% of the time with a true sense of excitement and fulfillment for the day
  2. Love someone on a level deeper than purely physical, and intellectual
  3. Have traveled to at least 10 countries and purchased at least one foreign property that provides a mental fountain of youth for myself


  1. Morning Gratitude Mantra (giving thanks for everything in my life)
  2. Meditation period 30+ minutes daily (5 days a week)
  3. Follow the law of Attraction to create specific outcomes on a daily basis


  1. Created a stream of income through stocks, precious metals and or entrepreneurial ventures creating a annual net income of $1,000,000+
  2. Created financial independence that allows me to follow any passion I desire with no stress on my financial status
  3. Have created at least one product which was featured on Home Shopping Network and grossed at least $1,000,000 in sales


  1. Helped 10+ individuals start maintain and continue the success of their business venture
  2. Send greeting cards and phone calls to all of the people in my personal network on all special events and once every six months randomly to say thank you
  3. Created a foundation or community center in a developing country that promotes entrepreneurship and free market success based on the Prize Mentality