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Thursday, October 11th, 2007

I am currently making an account of all the resources that are currently available to me.  Based on that I will be able to have a better idea of what direction I want to take with this project.   Leverage is vital in this kind of projects, and I will need to fully utilize everything in my disposal in figuring out an effective plan to accomplish my goal.   An update is to follow….

My Goal

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Here is a goal that I am committing to, My combined debt amount is $35,000.00 I am committing to paying off my debt by the beginning of 2008. Which effectively gives me just over 2 1/2 month.

Ambitious – definitely, but many people were able to do this before me based on the numerous autobiographies that I have read. Do I have experience of making that much in that period of time, no. I do however have all the knowledge, tools and resources to make it happened and that is exactly what I am going to do. I will update my progress on this blog.

I will have a plan of action by the end of this week, which I will follow to reach my goal. I am currently not certain on the exact blueprint I will follow to reach it, but will have something definite by the end of the week. I am thinking it might be a combination of online/off line strategy.

Without implementing anything new I believe I can get a steady income of $200/day by modifying the two online products that I currently have. I will need to be making about $700/day by the end of the month to reach my goal. $700 x 60 days = $42,000 which will allow me to pay off the debt and pay for my living/business expenses.

By the end of the week I shall have a plan of how to manifest it.


earn $ 42,000 in 2 and 1/2 month

Either you are being the Prize or you are not. Why black and white is the only road to success.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

I’ve analyzed my 6 month goals that are due in November and it’s interesting how many goals I’ve yet to complete. The major problems have been with my Integrity. I’ve been inconsistent in following through with my commitments because I’ve found “reasons” to circumvent them. Now it’s down to the wire and I’m forced to find a way to be consistent with my objectives.

The fact is that we all have challenges we put before ourselves and when we load ourselves up with countless desires to become perfect overnight we have little chance of succeeding.

I had a professor named Dr. Cox in college and one of the most memorable things he taught was that one must have realistic life expectations to be successful in life.

Now analyzing this comment through the concept of the Prize Mentality could lead to one dismissing such a comment.

I have come to understand that a foundation must be set before one can start to construct a beautiful structure.

The foundation is to engrain the Prize Mentality into one’s self through constant reminders and action. Building muscle memory into our thought and actions and creating consistency in every aspect of our lives.

The Prize should be balanced and avoid being overly anxious to take on every challenge in their life. By taking on the baseline and underlying structure in our lives we create the Possibility to accomplish future goals. By approaching challenges with this state of mind we lead ourselves to success.

I’ve recently seen how powerful the Prize Mentality is in creating a work environment that can produce extraordinary results. I’ve been at fault of avoiding harnesing my overzealous nature (inconsistent with the Prize Mentality) and I’ve seen how powerful deliberate planning and the implementation of systems in life and business will free us to create incredible results.

If one analyzes what they truly desire (the underlying drive behind a challenge or a goal), not the goal itself but the core of the goal, you will see that that by working on that area you will produce a more efficient way to accomplish all goals. wich by defaultlt will eventually result in a conquest over the challenge/goal itself. (is this making sense?)

Sharpen your axe and your saw before you spend days cutting down trees with dull equipment. Better yet, find a fantastic company to send your saws and axes to and then get to work cutting down your trees and eventually hire individuals to do the cutting for you. Be efficient by setting realistic goals and avoid stretching yourself too thin. The lion does not set out on a hunt with the hopes of killing as many animals as it can, instead it sets out on a hunt to simply satisfy its imediate hunger. Remember to be patient and calm and find time for yourself because even the Lion needs to rest.

I am Recommitting to the following goals by End of November 2007:

• Exercise 3X a week
• Take Vitamin’s daily
• Eat a solid diet daily and never skip a day without eating


• Make a Blog entry 5 days a week (part of my work duties)
• Read something new 30/min twice weekly
• Add a vocabulary word once a week (signed up for

• Travel once a month for at least a day


• Meditate once a week for 30 min (down from daily)


• Family dinner once a month

• Net $200,000 in future 12mo income from new source of revenue (not sure how exactly this will happen right now, most likely working on vehicle wraps)
• Start to create a secondary or tertiary source of passive income (web based most likely figuring out how to outsource implementation of my ideas)